Speaking the truth in love…..Are you investing in your wellness or subsidizing your illness?

Three POWERFUL ways to invest in your wellness

1. Make exercise part of your daily routine.Just like you wouldn’t leave home without taking a shower or brushing your teeth, don’t leave home without exercising. Make it that routine. Experts have shown that exercise not only improve your health, but it improves your mood.

2. Make more nutritious meals at home with the goals of decreasing or eliminating trips to the fast foods restaurants. Cooking your meals at home gives you the advantage of customizing your meals to fit your lifestyle goals. You get to prepare your meals by using more natural ingredients.

3. Take whole food nutrients vs. mega doses of vitamins. Your body need nutrients that work in synergy, not isolated mega doses of vitamins. Wholefood nutrients are bioavailable, which means that they get into your cells and do the work they were designed to do.

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