Getting your emotions right for the New Year

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" biblical terms the person who is right emotionally loves good and hates evil. In their emotions they value what God values. The emotionally perfected Christian is not just "together" or integrated in the secular sense rather they are righteous and just and holy and perfectly loving. Their emotions agree with their ethics which agree with the Scriptures which agree with God."

Resource: Biblical EQ: A Christian handbook for emotional transformation by John Edmiston

So much in this is really helpful:

  • Value what God values. Learn to hate what displeases God regarding your character, your conduct, even what displeases Him in your emotions and value what He values! That was one of my keys to overcoming. I had to get my emotions to agree with what pleased God and that meant spending a lot of time in God’s presence, in His word and in prayer!

  • Your emotions agreeing with your ethnics. You experience a lot of inner struggle and turmoil when your emotions and actions don’t agree with your goals or what you believe.

  • Agree with God. Success will be so much easier and you will see faster results when you agree with God. If God has been dealing with you for a long time regarding your health and the changes you need to make, simply agree with Him.“Yes God you are right. Please help me to deal with this.”

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