Maintaining your nutritional Life Style Changes and the Holidays: What does emotions have to do with

Emotions are Powerful

They are complex and navigating them can be tricky! They are defined as “A natural occurring response to a situation. It can be our own evaluation of something or an automatic response like joy when we are in a good situation.” Your emotions are shaped by prior experiences, present experiences and future experiences (what we are anticipating). They arise in your soul (your will, your intellect). They are the seat of your personality.

Just how powerful are your emotions? They are the driving force of your choices! But knowing this is not enough to ensure your victory over agitating passions. It will take courage and time for you to change your beliefs, your thoughts, and your intentions. I want to encourage you to tap into God’s love for you so that you will know how much He cares for you as you gain mastery over your emotions.

You have to give yourself time to change and you have to give yourself permission to change. You have to have the courage to change. Courage being defined as the absence of fear. It takes courage to see yourself looking slimmer, looking good and wearing clothes that you have always wanted to wear. It will take courage to see what God sees in you, that you are worth the fight! It will take being intentional and staying focused (being in the moment) to change your thoughts, your belief system about food. It will take effort and courage to monitor the intentions of your heart but you are not alone. You have the word of God as your anchor, the transforming power of the Holy Spirit as your change agent. The big question is: Are you prepared to change? Have you made up your mind that this is it! This time it’s going to be different! I’m rolling up my sleeves and am ready to fight!

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