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Redesign Your Image Plan:

A Six Week Systematic Plan to Change your Eating Habits so you can develop a healthy relationship with food.  What you get with this plan




Small changes - lasting results


What makes My Redesign your Image Plan different than other healthy lifestyle programs?  My Redesign your Image Plan recognize that:

  • By the end of the 6 weeks, you are in a stronger position to know what good food is and will have the tools to know how to maintain and sustain good eating habits.  

  • This program is designed to help you keep God as your focus and your primary reason for making the change. 

  • Overcoming long standing, poor food choices is more than about food.  It recognizes the fact that, in most cases, it is about what rules our heart and it helps you to understand the importance of developing a healthy relationship with food.   

  • It was created from a place of passion by someone who has walked the journey and know that emotions plays a critical part in whether or not you are successful with your lifestyle changes;  this plan helps you to identify sabotaging emotions that has hindered your success in the past.

  • This plan recognizes that it’s one thing to want to eat right but it’s an entirely different thing to be able to carry it out.  This plan helps you to address your emotions so that your healthy vision for your life does not unravel in the process, and if it begins to unravel, it helps you to get back up, and get refocused. 

  • This plan is different because it helps the individual understand that poor food choices does not disappear overnight and that's OK; and that waiting for results can be daunting and discouraging, but with God on your side and using the right tools, you can be successful.  

  Who can benefit from Annie's Redesign Your Image Plan?


  • People who have no weight issues, but have a family history of chronic illness such as high blood pressure or diabetes.

  • People who are overweight and have struggled with overcoming poor food choices and know that they need to make a change in order to move to the next level spiritually.

  • People who know what to do, have all the knowledge to make it happen, but can't seem to stay committed to their weight loss program.

  • People who are self-motivators and highly disciplined and can work on the Plan by themselves without additional help.  

  • People who know that they are motivated and strengthen by participating in a group setting for additional support

  • Churches who want to start a wellness journey for their congregation.    

What to expect from Annie's Redesign Your Image Plan:
  • A safe place to be vulnerable with your eating struggles.

  • A place of breakthrough in your eating struggles.

  • If you have been turning to food for comfort, this plan is a safe place to identify your "why" and to begin your healing process.

  • To gain strength and courage to turn your challenges into triumphs. 

  • Clean eating food preparation to help decrease food cravings.

  • To become an expert on how to care for yourself.

  • Sound wisdom and advice.

Order your Plan today so you can begin your wellness journey from the inside out.

To better serve you, I have taken the time to carefully put together booklets taken from my Redesign Your Image Plan.  Each booklet will help you to grow spiritually and gives practicable ways for you to develop an action plan without feeling overwhelmed.  Maybe you don’t need the entire program but only a certain portion speaks to you during this phase on your journey of healing and wholeness.   You now have choices.  I encourage you to be in prayer so you can choose the best option for yourself.  



So, buy the entire Redesign Your Image Plan for $125

Or, you can buy parts of the plan that speak to you. 

Decrease your risk for chronic disease
Increase your qualtiy of life
Can be used individually for self motivators
In a group facilitated by Annie
Weekly meetings for 6 wks. at your local place of business/church
Become an expert on how to take care of yourelf!

If you're serious about getting control of your your emotions to successfully walk out your healthy lifestyle and God's plan for your life,  then this is the Plan for you!   

Get started today and say goodbye to the past!  Someone is waiting for you to show up in your place of destiny.  Your children are depending on you to live to a ripe old age, healthy and wealthy!

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