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Below are all the products I offer. 

Cooking with Annie Cookbook

Follow Annie's tried and true recipes designed to support your weight loss journey!  Read more about the Cookbook

Cooking with Annie Cookbook   $15.99

More Than a Conqueror

Read Annie's Book about how to conqueror your challenges.     Read more about the Book

More Than a Conqueror E-Book   $7.99 

Redesign Your Image Plan


To better serve you, I have taken the time to carefully put together booklets taken from my Redesign Your Image Plan.  Each booklet will help you to grow spiritually and gives practicable ways for you to develop an action plan without feeling overwhelmed.  Maybe you don’t need the entire program but only a certain portion speaks to you during this phase on your journey of healing and wholeness.   You now have choices.  I encourage you to be in prayer so you can choose the best option for yourself.  


Entire Redesign Your Image Plan

This is Annie's entire plan.  It contains all the booklets below plus much more!   Read more about the Plan

Redesign Your Image Plan   $125              


The following booklets contain parts of the Redesign Your Image Plan.  Read details about the booklets (PDF)

How to Recognize a Danger Zone  $8

How to Recognize When God is Talking to You  $8

How to Recognize When You Are Winning $8

BUNDLE of 3 Contains 'How to Recognize a Danger Zone', 'How to Recognize When God is Talking to You' and 'How to Recognize When You Are Winning'   $20

Developing New Habits  $16

Creating a Healthy Environment $16

Regarding God's Word $10

Time of Reflection (How Did I Get Here?   $22

BUNDLE of 2 Contains 'Developing New Habits' and 'Creating a Healthy Environment'   $28

BUNDLE of 4 Contains 'Developing New Habits', 'Creating a Healthy Environment', Regarding God's Word, and 'Time of Reflection (How Did I Get Here)'  $60

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