Journey to Success 

Biblical strategies coupled with practical advice to help people who are addicted to food and/or having a difficult time staying focused on their journey, overcome using practical and spiritual principles, working together, to promote a healthier outcome.

Excellent devotional for wellness groups or individuals.  Annie


Each week's message will allow readers to not be overwhelmed by their lifestyle changes and be more willing to continue over any stumbles.


This book helps readers to understand that food struggles can also mean struggling with God over control of their lives. It is my hope that readers will see that giving over their issues with food to God is not a weakness, but actually strength being cultivated.


This book will teach you how to not give up on yourself, how to get back up and start again, and how to rededicate your heart to God without guilt, shame or condemnation.  

This valuable resource is available through Xulon Press as a paperback. Get your copy today! Click here.