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Healthy Living Program

The Healthy Living Program concentrates on 3 components:

  • Healthy eating/lifestyle through health education-application of health knowledge will help you to live a higher quality of life, decrease your risk for chronic illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, strokes and cancer.  By making healthier options and being able to sustain those healthier choices,  you will feel better, have more energy to enjoy your family and friends, and the possibility of reversing chronic illness or improving your health!   

  • Healthy Spirit  and Soul (mind, will, and emotions).  You will learn that your soul is your decision making capacity and that it plays an integral part in your getting free and staying free from life controlling issues.

  • Breakthrough from life controlling issues.  By understanding the importance of getting God involved in your struggles and establishing a relationship with Jesus Christ who is your strength, you will learn how to overcome in areas of struggles or weakness.  


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