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Learn how you can lose the weight and keep it off.  

Learn how to decrease the cravings that leads to overeating.

Learn how to improve your health.  

Learn how to develop strategies and tools to overcome life controlling issues.


Healthy Living With Annie seminars, workshops, and put on the new nature bible teachings, not only deals with learning how to eat to live, and overcoming life controlling issues, but they also help you to learn how to keep the weight off , how to get free from life controlling issues by first and foremost, surrendering to Christ and  secondly, recognizing and overcoming  sabotaging mindset and destructive behavioral patterns.  You will learn how to get free and to stay free!   


You will learn how to overcome behavioral changes at the heart level in order to have permanent changes in your daily choices. Your struggle with food  and other life controlling issues, and your resistance to change represent an attitude of the heart and faulty perceptions.  When your heart and attitude changes, and you correct some faulty perceptions,  you begin to experience lasting, permanent changes in your daily choices, whether its food choices or other life choices that you have to make. 


The word of God calls this being an overcomer. It also tells us that we are more than conquerors through Christ who strengthens us.

To Pastors: Healthy Living With Annie invites Pastors to take advantage of the  workshops, retreats or seminars so that your congregation can begin to make an active plan for a better lifestyle.  Contact Annie if you are committed to seeing healthy changes in the lives of your congregation.  If you are having a challenge in this area then Annie encourages you to become the change you want to see in the lives of your members.   Health and healing is ours! 


To Individuals: When you have experienced the love of Christ, you can never be the same. As you grow in your love with the Maker, you come to realize that He wants all of you; He wants to be involved in all areas of your life not just the spiritual. Our God made us a three part being (spirit, soul and body) and those parts are intimately connected. God knows that if our bodies are not well, it affects our soul and how our spirits respond to His spirit.  Make a decision that you want to see life from a better perspective. If you are tired of the yo-yo dieting, if you are disappointed again in your attempts to succeed at losing weight, I encourage you to take advantage of the resources available on this site.  They were created with you in mind.

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